About Lizzette

Traveling for Adventure and Enrichment

Before I tell you about myself let me stop, and ask you a question.  Have you ever danced in the rain?  I mean really really?  Laughing, bouncing, swinging your arms around in circles, face upturned as huge plops of pouring rain drench you to your skin?

There is a sense of exhilaration, fun, of spark, cutting loose and letting go in dancing around in the rain. Dancing in the rain makes you tingle to the core and feel full of life!  For me, traveling is all of this, and so so much more.

I was born in Ontario Canada.  Raised in the sticks in rolling farm country, I was 10 years old when my parents took me on my first trip.  We went to Quebec City to show me my mother’s roots.

Oh wow!  The smell of the old churches, wonder of horse drawn carriages, feel of cobblestone streets beneath my feet and I caught the bug.  There was history and life there.  So much to learn and experience.

I remember that trip to this day.

My next adventure was a few years later.  I traveled for the very first time by airplane to the West Coast of the U.S. with my family.  We spent three weeks driving up and down the coast seeing the Pacific (my first time seeing the ocean), ginormous trees, amazing mountains, scorching but pretty deserts and to me HUGE cities!  Hey!  My dad even let me drive through a tree!!

That trip really taught me to enjoy what the vistas of nature can bring to your life.

Humans!  Silly us…we really are so small!

I’ve continued traveling since those two adventures.  They sparked off my passion for all the culture, history, nature and beauty which can be found when we step outside our comfort zone.  I’ve been on a driving discovery of Alaska, two trips to absorb Hawaii’s history and nature and mission trips to Central America.  I’ve also traveled up and down both sides of the U.S. and been on several cruises.

To me traveling is exactly like dancing in the rain, which I have also done.  Travel is an escape, an adventure.  It is necessary for a balance to today’s hectic pace and critical to our being a part of our diverse world.

I am a unique person with crazy interests which run from historical reenactment, historical fighting and arts and crafts to a love of modern luxuries and pampering, leadership development and the diversity of cultures around the world.  I love shooting sports, science, architecture, nature, dancing and sometimes simple kickback time relaxing.

In this blog, I bring together these interests to craft a unique view of travel and the benefits it can bring to your life.  I will find nuggets to intrigue you, tease you and entice you to join in and share in my adventures as we explore this huge world around us and all it has to offer.

Join me in this odyssey of travel, and life!

Happy Traveling!