About Lonny

Traveling as a Lifestyle

I have a passion to live life to the fullest.  To take a dream and see it become reality.  Do you ever feel that way? 
Traveling has always intrigued me. I spent 12 years traveling throughout the United States and Canada for business and along the way started collecting shot glasses.  
These journeys sparked a beginning interest into a full blown desire for travel. Taking a dream to reality I’ve become a cruise and tour enthusiast, among other things.  I’ve managed to collect over 130 shot glasses so far and have taken my travels all over.  This includes parts of North and South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

I was born in Pennsylvania and now reside in Florida.  Both have definitely added to my open mind, love of nature and new cultures. When I am not doing a cruise in the Caribbean, you can probably find me traveling somewhere in the United States.

What I thought would be just a past time became something I desired to turn into one long journey.  One of ongoing discovery and adventure, living life to the fullest.  In short, to me travelling is not a simple holiday or a relaxation session. For me, it’s all about venturing into the unknown, learning new things.  Relaxing yes, but during any trip, one can easily travel beyond their comfort zone and grow.

I now travel the world and share my experiences with like-minded enthusiasts like YOU!  I hope to help you make more intelligent choices and find places that spark the same passion for travel that I have.  The same growth, the same sense of adventure…satisfied.  So trying new dishes, enjoying other cultures, doing silly things… It’s all a part of the process. It’s all part of enjoying life to the fullest!
On this travel site, I hope to encourage others to travel more by sharing my unique traveling vantage points, information and tips resulting in enhancing the journey of life for all my readers!
Good luck on your travels, and thanks for stopping by!

—   Lonny