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Beautiful Coastal Spots in Portugal to Vacay

Finding the best place to vacay in Portugal may be very challenging as there are numerous beautiful towns and cities to consider. But, if you’re trying to find a beautiful coastal location in Portugal, VacayDaze can assist you in finding the right one. Any of the below coastal destinations can be the perfect place for your Portugal vacay, particularly if you’re after sun, sea and sand.


Cascais is a stunning resort located very near to Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. Even if you decide to stay in Lisbon for your vacay, Cascais is an ideal place to travel to for a day trip.

Cascais is not only crammed with natural and exquisite sights, there’s also the opportunity to rent a bicycle while you’re there and cycle round the town. The marina is swarming with sea life and paired with the clear waters so it’s definitely something you’ll not want to miss.

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Tavira is considered one of the top places for a resort getaway in Portugal. There’s so much character within the city of Tavira, showing the rural side while beauty runs through the middle.

The architecture in Tavira is second to none, with the medieval castle placed right within the center of the town showcasing breathtaking views.

A beautiful sandy beach runs through the town alongside salt pans that attract flamingos which makes it a very picturesque Instagram setting.

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Although it’s a coastal destination, Peniche is crammed with things to try and do, which is rare for such a tiny beach town. There’s tons of history surrounding the town and the beautiful beach and waves that lap against it have made it a great surfing location which brings in countless tourists annually.

Similarly, Cabo Carvoeiro is a unprecedented set of cliffs which had always been referred to as a shipwreck hotspot, but a lighthouse was built which has since warned off sea traffic.

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Filled with canals throughout the town, Aveiro features an astonishingly similarity to Venice, Italy which makes it a really popular tourist destination. Full of outstanding architecture and gondolas, it’s not surprising that it bears resemblance to the favored Italian destination.

With many admirable chapels and cathedrals, Aveiro isn’t a location you would like to miss.

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One among the foremost beautiful locations in Portugal is Carvoeiro. With clear waters and golden beaches, it is the perfect place for a quiet vacay. It’s full of amazing views and is proving to be known as a quaint fishing village so it’s clear why tourists love this hotspot.

While Carvoeiro is definitely the right place to travel for a calming getaway, if you’re up for some activity, you’ll be able to wander through the Benagil caves to add some extravagance to your vacay.

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While it’s worth heading to the beach locations, make the most of your vacay while you’re in Portugal and head to the Algarve region where you’ll easily find excursions for turtle, dolphin and whale watching.

Portugal’s southernmost region, the Algarve, is famed for its Atlantic beaches and golf resorts. The whitewashed fishing villages situated on low cliffs overlooking sandy coves were transformed in the 1960’s into the now popular central coast between Lagos and Faro, lined with villas, hotels, bars and restaurants.

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