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Consider Koh Samui for your Honeymoon Retreat

Koh Samui is a spectacular island and thought of by quite a few to be an excellent setting for a Thailand wedding. Aside from all the amazing scenery the place has got to offer, it’s the abundance of things to try and do that makes it the very popular destination for couples planning a honeymoon in Samui. The following are eight of the numerous romantic activities on Koh Samui for honeymoon couples to experience together.

Explore the island together

There is little question that being on Koh Samui for your honeymoon is like being in paradise and thus the best way to discover what the island is all about is to try and do some exploring as a couple. With gorgeous sunsets and tropical vegetation all over, the island is a perfect setting for a romantic vacay. Seek out the food scene too which is one of the most popular reasons why such a large amount of folks take a vacay on Koh Samui. Besides having an abundance of unbelievable beach-line restaurants to select from, you’ll be able to even take it a step further and opt for one of the native cooking classes which is an excellent way to take a little bit of your amazing honeymoon experience home with you!

Enjoy a couples massage

Your Koh Samui honeymoon isn’t complete till you enjoy an intimate couples massage to relax and rejuvenate you. Make the most of the very fact that Samui got the vote as the second best spa destination in Asia and seek out some of the boutique spas in Lamai Beach for a couple of hours of being coddled like never before.

Take a sunset cruise on a traditional junk

One of the activities on Koh Samui that makes it the perfect Siam trip for a couple on honeymoon is the several sunset cruises to opt from. Take a sunset cruise and revel in an impressive buffet meal with the love of your life, as you are taking in the breathless sunset.

Visit the Ang Thong National Marine Park

The forty two islands that compose part of the well-known ANG Thong National Marine Park are an absolute must-see throughout your stay on
Koh Samui. On the islands, you’ll get to see the big range of ocean creatures and exotic animals that call the park home, as well as several lofty limestone mountains lined with lush, dense jungle, crystal clear waterfalls, white sandy beaches, lakes, and lots of hidden caves.

Enjoy Water activities

If you’re both into outdoor activities, then being on Koh Samui for your honeymoon is certainly the place to be. Go scuba diving within the clear, sparkling waters encompassing the island, or take a swim within the watering pools and hot springs at a number of the numerous charming waterfalls on the island.

Go island hopping

Island hopping may be a good way to explore the forty different islands within the area of Koh Samui, either by a calming boat ride or a more active kayak tour – your option entirely. A number of the islands don’t have any inhabitants in the the least bit other than some have monkeys and wild pigs with a few have caves simply waiting to be explored.

Relax on a beach bed

A popular activity for several honeymoon couples on Koh Samui is to get comfy and relax on a beach bed, particularly one providing a food and drinks service. Relax within this romantic atmosphere with water splashing on the beach, encircled by tropical vegetation and also the sounds of paradise.

Schedule a photo shoot

The best way to be able to cherish your romantic Koh Samui honeymoon memories for the rest of your life is to schedule a photo shoot with one of many wedding photographers that work on Samui. Let your photographer forever capture those unforgettable moments you found such a lot pleasure in throughout your time on the island.

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