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Explore the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Imagine an open forest of trees so twisted and scrubby they appear like broccoli, reaching up from a mass of thick, wet moss, drenched rain that collects in pools. A forest of trees so vast, tall and ancient we all seem like little kids beside them. A world of vivid green moss, arched ferns, and a mass of plants so thick it’s not possible to see the soil underneath it. Both images are a part of the rain-forest which is awaiting your next Vacay.

What the rain-forest appears like depends on the soil, topography, proximity to the ocean, soil moisture and the length of time it’s been left undisturbed. Temperate rain-forests progress through variety of stages: mature, old growth and ancient old growth. Wander on a sandy beach, scramble over headlands, peer into tide-pools, marvel at the life beneath a boulder, or watch the fury of the ocean against the rocks.

The seacoast invites your exploration and discovery. Steeped in Nuu-chah-nulth culture dating back thousands of years, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is your gateway to the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island. Activities vary from a one-hour informative walk to the hike of a lifetime on the legendary West Coast trail.

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Try surfing, Canadian style, explore tidal pools swarming with ocean life or relish a tranquil paddle among the emerald waters of the Broken group Islands. On the bucket list of any serious hiker, the 46 mile West Coast trail follows the one-time survival route of unlucky shipwreck victims through old-growth forests, past wide-open beaches and across suspension bridges spanning rivers and streams.

Schooner Cove Trail is located on Highway 4 south of Tofino. Follow this twisting walkway as it descends through young and old stands of cedar/hemlock forest and Sitka spruce fringe to Schooner Cove beach – an excellent place to do some tidal pool exploring at low tide! This trail is 1/2 mile one-way and has some long flights of stairs.

Long Beach at North Beach parking lot is located on Highway 4 halfway between Ucluelet and Tofino. Put on your walking shoes and make the trek south to sit on one of Parks Canada’s iconic red chairs. Hint: once you get to the green point or rocky outcrop look up, look way up. Incinerator Rock is located on Highway 4 north of Long Beach. Long Beach isn’t simply noted for its long stretch of sand and sky, it’s additionally one of the best places to catch waves on the West Coast of Canada. Put on a thick wet suit, take a lesson, and give surfing a try.

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Rain-forest Trail – Route B is located on Highway 4 south of Long Beach. Explore a world of ancient giants, drifting mists, witches’ moss, twisted trees and rain-forest wildlife on the rain-forest trail. The trail is 1/2 mile and there are several short flights of stairs. (Route A of the rain-forest trail is closed for repairs.)

Willowbrae and Halfmoon Bay Trails is located off of Highway 4, 1.5 mile south of the Ucluelet -Tofino Junction. Stroll on a path through old growth forest and see secluded sandy beaches just waiting for your footprints. Halfmoon Bay trail branches off of Willowbrae trail after 1/2 mile, both trails are about 1 mile one-way and have long flights of stairs leading to the beach.

Green Point Campground is the only camping ground within the spectacular Long Beach Unit. Since Green Point Campground was established in 1962, folks from all over the planet have come to experience the wonder and tranquility it has to offer.

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