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If you need some down time far away from the bright lights of the city and late nights on the town, head to Utah and the Red Mountain Resort near St. George, which is about a 2-hour drive northeast of Las Vegas. The adults only resort is made up of low-lying, rust-colored buildings set among the 60,000-acre Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, a combination of lowlands and craggy sandstone mountains.

Red Mountain Resort is just the place where you can escape for a week or more in a routine of healthy food, spa appointments, hikes within the surrounding national parks and stargazing in the evenings. It’s everything you need to relax, renew and rediscover your passion for adventure.

There’s a lava field next to the resort, where magma dried into black rock and contrasts starkly with the surrounding red cliffs. You can get an excellent view of this from the floor to ceiling windows at the resort’s Sagestone Spa, where guests can choose between a range of specialized massage therapies.

Some may hear the words ‘Utah’ and ‘desert’ and wonder if there’s going to be enough to explore and do. Surprisingly, there’s at least 27 activities available at the resort, ranging from kettlebell workouts and high-intensity interval training to rappelling and canyoning within the National Park, for an additional charge.

There also are many less strenuous things to do at and near Red Mountain Resort, like kayaking, posture workshops and meditation sessions.

Red Mountain Resort isn’t only a couples retreat but also a good place to travel solo, as quite a few of its guests do, and you’ll be able to meet other solo travelers at the restaurant’s outside community tables.

A Red Mountain Essential Retreat is about $400 a night for one person for a standard room, but that includes food, daily hikes, fitness classes, bicycle rentals, use of three pools and evening wellness talks.

Some people head to the resort to slim down on a package that features a body composition test, personal fitness plan and healthy workshops. The resort’s inventive restaurant accommodates any kind of diet, and offers specialties like carrot peanut butter and toast at breakfast and a cactus salad with jicama, a root vegetable, for lunch. The evening menu is a la carte, with options like polenta lasagna with spinach and ratatouille or grilled fish with yams. Desserts are plentiful in the evening.

There are many wellness talks are offered at Red Mountain Resort, ranging from those that help you discover intuitive gifts to a presentation that explores the connection between mind and body health. There’s also a labyrinth onsite, a series of concentric circles marked out by stones within the lava field where you can mindfully walk around.

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