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Sandals Resorts reopen next month with new COVID-19 protocols

Sandals Resorts is in preparation for welcoming guests back to its all-inclusive resorts within the Caribbean and has revealed how it plans to run operations during a post-COVID-19 world. The Jamaican operator intends to re-open most of its Jamaican resorts on June 4th, followed by its two Bahamas properties on July 1st, Dominion Day.

Sandals has introduced new protocols that range from enhanced cleaning routines to required temperature checks for its team members before starting a shift and is introducing a brand new online check-in procedure that enables guests to proceed straight to their rooms upon arrival.

The resorts have implemented integrated advanced hygiene practices across 18 key touchpoints, starting from when guests check-in at airport lounges. They also include back-of-house facilities, like storerooms and offices, throughout the resorts.

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All hard surfaces are going to be inspected, cleaned and sanitized at 20-minute intervals, with a minimum of three inspections on a daily basis. Additional hand sanitizing stations are going to be provided for guests and team members throughout the resorts, including all dining locations and within each individual guest room.

Any items that guests will probably have contact with, from room cards to welcome cocktails glassware, are going to be sanitized before distribution. Hospital-grade disinfectants and electrical aerosol sprayers are going to be introduced for advanced cleaning, and UV-LED lighting equipment are going to be implemented to inspect cleanliness.

HVAC air duct sanitization procedures are going to be employed prior to every new guest arrival and upon each departure. Weekly steam-cleaning and sanitization of carpeting will also be performed and there’ll be a placement of anti-bacterial gels and soaps in each guest room.

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Sandals Resort guests will have the capability to check-in online, allowing them to skip the front desk and go straight to their room. Sandals is also introducing new ways to encourage guests to keep a safe social distance, including the addition of more airport transfers with fewer guests per vehicle, extending check-in times between visitors, and putting in place a safe social distance seating across restaurants, bars and beaches.

Handshakes are going to be replaced with a nod and a smile. Elevator trips are going to be restricted to only one couple per vacay at Sandals Resorts and one family per vacay at Beaches Resorts, with staff members taking alternate routes.

All Sandals Resorts staff members are going to be required to wear protective face gear and gloves at all times when working on the resort and ensure uniforms aren’t worn during travel to and from work. The staff are also going to undergo required temperature checks before the beginning of every shift and will also need to adhere to stringent medical clearance.

Sandals Resorts vendors, suppliers and partners will also be held to the new standards. In order to deliver increased health reassurance, each of the resorts are going to be equipped with medical stations staffed daily with a registered nurse and 24/7 on-call medical personnel.

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Considering a vacay to Sandals?

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