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Stay at the historical Hotel del Coronado

Since its doors first opened in 1888, the Hotel Del Coronado has hosted various presidents, royalty, and maybe most famously, writers.

Famed writer L. Frank Baum stayed at the hotel while writing parts of his Wizard of Oz series. He also designed the featured chandelier located within the hotel’s famous Crown Room.


The “Hotel Del,” as it’s known to locals, is short skip across the water from San Diego. It’s also well known as one of the sole surviving examples an American genre of architecture, the wooden Victorian beach resort. You’ll definitely recognize it because it’s the inspiration for Disney World’s Grand Floridian. It’s also a National Historical monument, and the second largest wood structure within the U.S.A.

Hotel Del Coronado is well known for several things, including the famous ghost of Kate Morton; the world’s first outdoor electrically lit Christmas tree; and its featured role in the movies ‘Some Like It Hot’, starring Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis, and ‘The Stuntman’ with Peter O’Toole and Steven Railsback.

The resort was considered a wonder of technological structure during its early years, and both Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were counted among its guests.

Today, the Hotel del Coronado has both the original building and a more modern wing, but the Crown Room and other featured rooms from past eras remain intact and frozen in time.

You can get to the hotel in two way, either a drive across the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, which is a dramatic two-mile long bridge with a 90-degree turn at its midpoint or by catching the ferry which departs from the foot of Broadway in San Diego.

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