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The Cayman Islands offer new work visa for the digital nomad

If you’re looking for a longer Covid-19 pandemic escape than just a vacay, you could work remotely from a sunny Caribbean remote location such as the Cayman Islands as they introduce a new visa that permits digital nomads to live there for up to 2 years.

The program is called the Global Citizen Concierge Program, or GCCP, and allows folks to keep their current job in their home country while working remotely from the Cayman Islands, all the while moving their laptops to a more tropical environment.

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The Cayman Islands have reduced the threat of COVID-19 to near zero and offer the perfect pandemic oasis for people with a remote work lifestyle to experience the Cayman style of life. Just imagine going for an early morning walk on Seven Mile Beach before starting work, taking a quick swim on your lunch break and then wrapping up the work day with some of the finest dining experiences that only the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean can offer.

Although it sounds great on paper, the program isn’t that accessible to everyone. Applicants will need to meet certain criteria that includes proof of an annual salary of at least $100,000, or a minimum of $150,000 for couples, and $180,000 for those with children. They also must provide proof of health insurance coverage and provide a non-refundable deposit of at least $1400.

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Approved applicants can then choose to live on any of the three Cayman Islands that make up the British Overseas Territory. The Miami-style Grand Cayman is the most developed of the islands and is known for its high-quality accommodations, upscale restaurants, and its white-sand Seven Mile Beach.

Even though the Cayman Islands have a large multinational community, there is plenty of local culture and affordable options to be found in the areas of Bodden Town and the East End of Grand Cayman, as well as all across the sister island of Cayman Brac.

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The Cayman Islands are renowned for their marine and jungle wildlife too, with lots of wonderful hiking trails and nature reserves, especially in Little Cayman, which is the smallest of the three islands.

So if you have the money to splurge and are looking for a change of scenery while working remotely for the foreseeable Covid-19 pandemic future, you can apply for the Cayman Islands GCCP visa here.

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