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From floating hotels to treetop hideaways and glass cabins to desert domes, the want to vacay in a boundary-pushing accommodation is a growing trend among travelers. If you’re searching for vacay locations which will leave their mark, these six hotels are just as spectacular as the awesome landscape that surrounds them.

Based on recent travel industry information, 37% of travelers worldwide are aiming to book a vacay in a totally different accommodation from the norm. With that in mind, VacayDaze is highlighting six very distinctive getaways that combine the borders between accommodation and nature in order that nothing comes between you and the amazing landscape you’re there to explore.

Bubble Lodge, Bois Chéri, Mauritius

Located on the Mauritian Tea Route, Bubble Lodge Bois Chéri is like a clear oasis located within the middle of the historic Cap Malheureux, an operating tea plantation. Encircled by jungle and a lake, the bubble rooms contain a queen-size bed, an in-suite bathroom, an exterior shower, a coffee machine, air-conditioning and a relaxation area.

Whether you are gazing at the myriad of stars that are visible through the rain forest canopy or just daydreaming among the leaves, every memorable moment will be tranquil treat.

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Milaidhoo Island, Baa Atoll, Maldives

You can leap out of bed and dive straight into the turquoise sea from the private villas at Milaidhoo Island Maldives.This boutique luxury escape even has its own coral reef and is found in a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve.

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Most of all, with the barefoot informality that you’re afforded at this secluded getaway, you’ll daze away the hours on your private sundeck while you vacay taking in an epic Indian Ocean sunset.

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Greystone PurePod, Waipara, New Zealand

Magnificent conditions for stargazing and uninterrupted views of the pristine New Zealand are awaiting you at Greystone PurePod, a luxury glass eco-cabin set high on top of a gorgeous organic winery within the Waipara valley.

Made from industrial glass, this totally self-contained, solar-powered, environmentally sustainable vacay home permits you to fancy amazing panoramas of the rural landscape from all directions, all from the comfort of your comfy bed.

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Heshe Hotel, Guilin, China

Known for its limestone hills and winding waterways, Guilin is definitely a magical, must-see area of the Guangxi region in southern China.

With large windows that give floor-to-ceiling views of the encompassing countryside, Heshe Hotel is a hidden gem. It’s additionally just steps removed from one of the region’s most well-liked natural attractions, the Reed Flute Cave.

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Manshausen Island, Nordskot, Norway

Located in a very remote setting on the small island of Manshausen off the northwest coast of Norway, the minimalist sea cabins at this Nordic retreat on Manshausen Island feature sleek sitting rooms encased entirely in glass on three sides.

Perched over the edge of the water, they produce an illusion comparable to floating in mid-air, fully encircled by sea, sky, and the rugged hills of the other little nearby islands.

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Sun City Camp, Wadi Rum, Jordan

The best way to immerse yourself within the Mars-like terrain of Wadi Rum is to stay in a geodesic dome at the bottom of one of the desert’s various dazzling rock formations.

Sun City Camp has luxurious self-contained tents, complete with their own decks which offer an excellent base to observe the blazing sun disappear. Their “Martian tent” can cause you to feel like a space pioneer.

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