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Vietnam’s “Golden Bridge” is a sight to behold

At 3,280 feet higher than sea level, just outside of DA Nang, God’s hands reach across the Ba Na Hills in a way that any traveler can both see and touch. Whether spiritual or atheist, it’s a golden moment at one of the foremost beautiful sites on earth and it’s reason enough to go to DA Nang, Vietnam – not that you needed any others. Vietnam is a jewel of Southeast Asia with a lot of fascinating cultural fusion than most, and also the country currently features a tourist attraction that rivals the world’s greatest wonders.

If you’ve ticked off Machu Picchu, Christ The Redeemer or Table Mountain, this can be next. Golden Bridge, better-known regionally as Cau Vang opened within the misty Ba Na Hills, as part of Sun World Ba Na Hills, this summer to a lot of acclaim and is just beginning to catch on as the “next big thing”.


The trip needs a two hour automobile journey from buzzing DA Nang, which is additionally quickly turning into a traveler favorite base camp, due to world class street food, lovely mountain hikes close-by and postcard worthy beaches on the Son Tra peninsula.

Sun World Ba Na Hills may be a little tough to explain. It’s a theme park, a touch like Disney’s Epcot, however far more confusing and strange. The park sits at the top of a mountain and you’ll have to take a cable car (or two) to get there.

There are many different areas of the park. you’ll be able to explore a French country house with a cellar and a garden (these are an additional fee to enter), then wander through a French town with Gothic-style design, complete with an over-sized cathedral.

There’s a “spiritual zone” area with pagodas and Buddhas for worship. There’s an enormous tavern and a Fantasy Park full of video games and roller coasters. And foreigners are utilized everywhere the park so that Vietnamese tourists can get their photo taken with them.

Vu Viet Anh’s Golden Bridge masterpiece comes to life. The artist famously told Reuters the design depicts “giant hands of Gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the land”. Between the views, stunning altitude, depth below and galvanized engineering, it’s really something to see – and yes, you’ll be able to hold the handrails the entire time.

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