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What’s the sweet spot for the cheapest cruise prices?

What’s the sweet spot to save cash on your next cruise? Is it book early or late? Well, the best bet, per the Cruise Lines, is to make a decision early and book early. They release itineraries eighteen months beforehand and lure future cruisers to take advantage of early-bird specials. It’s also the most effective way to get the cabin and itinerary you desire.


But maybe your friends bragged that they booked at the eleventh hour and saved hundreds, or maybe thousands. Depending on the itinerary and the cruise line, this is also another way to save a lot of cash if you can be very flexible on departure date, itinerary, cruise ship, and cabin type.

What’s the most effective strategy?

A new report by on-line merchant Cruisewatch has some stunning answers. The magic number, per the study, is thirty five days before a voyage, which can provide up to 59% off the price of your cruise tickets.

When to book a cruise by destination?

The graph below provides the the ideal amount of days in advance to book your cruise based on destination to get the best savings on a cruise.

Determining just the right time to book a cruise is the crucial factor. The website analyzed prices for over 25,000 cruise sailings departing in 2018. They found the best discounts for major cruise lines typically are found within seventy days before the cruise departs. However, there are significant variations between the major cruise lines relating to timing and discounts per the study.

Cruise price discounts by major cruise line

Cruise price discounts for the major cruise lines vary from 22% up to as much as 59%. Here’s a round-up of what you’ll be able to expect to find for last-minute discounts:


You should book short-term to get these types of discounts according to the study, adding that you will typically get hot deals within the last ten days before departure with lines like Holland America, Norwegian and Princess Cruises.

Cruisewatch additionally analyzed the discounts offered for every type of cabin. Interior cabins had the biggest discounts, followed by ocean view and balcony cabins. Suites received the lowest discounts of all cabin types.


It pays to be a bit flexible, particularly relating to cabin type or cruise ship, unless you’re trying to find a particular cruise itinerary or cruise ship.

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